Linear Ceiling
The Linear ceiling employs smooth, clean lines that stretch out overhead to create a staggered, multilayered look that offers interesting possibilities for directional room design and space mondernization.
Composite Ceiling
Composite Wide Panel is a product specially developed for the design of ultra large areas. Composite panel adopts the adhesion technology of modern aerial materials. While possessing the features of large size, ultra flatness, lightweight and high strength, this super large panel of Hunter Douglas also comes with a smooth appearance and multiple surface finishes. Composite Wide Panel, Honeycomb Panel and Antibacterial Insulation Panel are the three varieties of Hunter Douglas Composite Panel.
Grid Ceiling
Grid ceiling, also known as “open ceiling”, includes cells, screens, tubes and baffles. Deeply favoured by designers, these products differ a lot in appearances and styles, and can create unique design effects. The open and transparent structure of the product makes it suitable for venues that feature high-density of people flow and require proper ventilation, transportation facilities and commercial spaces in particular.
Wide Panel
Hunter Douglas Wide Panel includes two rolled formed varieties, 300C Wide Panel and Multi Wide Panel. The Wide Panel ceiling offers a holistic, elegant and simple style. The different specs, carriers, joints and perforations help to achieve diversified design effects and functions, which leaves a deep impression on people.
Cell Ceiling
Flexible style created by more than 40 varieties under 4 categories featuring durable pre-coated high grade aluminium alloys with rich colour options. Employing roll-foaming or stamp forming process ensures high precision and stability. Panels can also be perforated to boost outstanding acoustical performance. These panels in collaboration with different installation systems create diversified visual effects and easy combination with lighting, sprayer and HVAC systems convenient for maintenance.
Tile Panel
Hunter Douglas Tile Ceiling system is mainly made up of high-grade aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. The tiles evolve through a series of Hunter Douglas’ proprietary leveling and mould forming process, thus they feature high precision, superb flatness and durability. The regularly shaped products seamlessly blend modern style and functionality, offering an orderly, concise, monolithic yet diversified look and a variety of options on specifications, installation systems and perforations.
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Linear Facade
A truly adoptable system, that can be used as facades, ventilated fences and even sun control system. The support structure is light and allows both horizontal and vertical installation. Whether they are being used as facades or elevations for open staircases, the linear panels help to create a highly functional building facade with unique aesthetics.

Diversified and developed systems that meet different design requirements. Easy Installation and maintenance.
Sandwich Wall
The Sandwich Wall comprises 2 aluminium alloy panels and a core oh high-density mineral wool. This is a functional curtain wall system that integrates decoration and insulation to offer a wide variety of shapes to meet all comprehensive requirements that architectural facades needs in terms of durability, aesthetics, environmental protection, energy efficiency and fire protection. This product is widely used in public facilities, industrial plants, cooling units and many other buildings.
Multi Panel Facade (MPF)
From highrises to single story buildings, MPF provides a robust exterior solution. The system resists high wind load and includes cranked corners that are precisely integrated with the support systems. The panels are coil coated with the durable Luxacote finish, which is available in a wide range of colors and resists corrosion, scratches and UV rays.
This product features outstanding quality and durability, large size and superior flatness. QC Honeycomb panel can be flexibly processed, with a wide range of surface finish options. In addition to aluminium, other materials like copper, zinc and stainless steel are also available upon request.

Installation and replacement of individual panels can be done with ease. They are widely applicable on facades, columns, cornice and roof. Maintenance free and low use cost.
The Aerobrise system has roll-formed fins, and falls into 2 categories: Single and Double Aerobrise (a Double Aerobrise fin is the combination of two Single Aerobrise fins). As one of the most characteristic Sun Control Systems of Hunter Douglas, this system features simple structure, sophisticated design, and unique and varying decorative effect.
The Aerofoils System has six different standard extruded profiles which are wing-shaped and with sleek lines. Fin finishes are available in various solutions and installation systems in fixed and operable configurations. This system combines optimal solar effectiveness with a futuristic appearance.
The Shutters System delivers outstanding shading and thermal performances, as well as privacy control to the interior space, so it was widely used in traditional buildings. Nowadays when large areas of glass are applied in architecture, designers reconsider this traditional element and use it creatively to create a comfortable interior environment, and at the same time make the building stand out with an exceptional look. Hunter Douglas Shutters System understands the new interpretation of this.
The Aeroscreen System has roll-formed and perforated fins. While ideally controlling heat gain and light, the fins also preserve views to the outside and broaden the occupants’ visual space. The elegant and transparent Aeroscreen System acts perfectly well with the sedate appearance of a building, creating a beautiful look with unique charm.
Combination of roll-formed aluminum panels and aluminum profile fins
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